Challenges Inc.


CH-2 Seren Ironhand by Tom Moldvay.

Part 2 of the Morandir Trilogy, based on the graphic novel Morandir: The Crown of Corlann

36pp Book with card cover + Royal Commision handout sheet.

Published in 1986 by Challenges Inc., Shorewood, Wisconsin.


An adventure for 6-9 characters of levels 4-6. Lawrence Schick wrote "The heroes root out a band of river-pirates, deal with an ancient race of cat-people, then explore the ancient dwarven mines of Morindar. Includes a 'Royal Commision' sheet empowering the adventurers to wipe out the pirates and reclaim wilderness land." Heroic Worlds.


 CH-1 The Morandir Company and CH-3 The Mountain King were never published.



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