John Scott Clegg Company


Notmaidag Robber Headquarters by John Scott Clegg.

28pp Digest-size book with card cover + map sheet.

Published in 1979 by John Scott Clegg, Provo, Utah.


Lawrence Schick wrote "Scenario in which the adventurers must clear out a robbers' lair, a single level dungeon." Heroic Worlds.

The Tombs of Valla by John Scott Clegg.

72pp Digest-size book with card cover + 5 colour mar sheets.

Published in 1980 by John Scott Clegg Company, Provo, Utah.


Scenario for high-level chatracters. A classic dungeon crawl through catacombs filled with the undead and their kind. Claimed to have been run as a tournament dungeon at ProCon 1.

The City of Valla by John Scott Clegg.

Two large fold out colour maps.

Published in 1981 by John Scott Clegg Company, Provo, Utah.


Two large colour maps depicting the City of Valla and the world of Dyon.

John Scott Clegg went on to write for Chaosium Inc., contributing to their Call of Cthulhu range. These are the only products he published for Dungeons &Dragons.



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