Felix Enterprises


Cold Iron by Simon Evans.

44pp UK-A4 book with card cover.

Published in 1996 by Felix Enterprises, Bleadon, England.


Supplement for any fantasy system developed from the author's earlier articles  in Ragnorak magazine. Six scenarios describing battles between opposing dwarven factions.

        The Bridge - An initial engagement.

        Cross of Iron - A valliant reargard action.

        Fine Force and Valour - Assault on a prepared position.

        Away All Boats - An opposed river crossing.

        Dancing in the Ruins - A search and destroy mission.

        The King and the Cause - An heroic last stand.

Each scenario is described and the skirmish mapped out, along with details of key personel, landmark features and the conditions of victory for either side. They can be played as one-off battles or linked together to form a campaign.

James F. Clay set up Felix Enterprises in 1995 publishing tabletop wargaming rule sets. Cold Iron was planned as the first in a series of fantasy skirmish scenario books, however, no others were written. Felix Enterprises ceased trading in August 1999, although James Clay continues to maintain a web presence here, and has plans to re-publish Cold Iron in PDF format.



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