Group One Games


Ironhoof Highlands

52pp as 3 Books + map in ziploc bag.

20pp Book with card cover (pictured) + 2 16pp Books with paper covers

Published in 1981 by Group One Games, Decatur, Illinois.


Campaign setting describing a wilderness area, with history, encounter tables, descriptions of inhabited areas, etc. Very reminiscent of Judges Guild products of the same time. Comes with a 16 page creature catalog (40 new monsters, mostly reptilian in origin) and a 16 page adventure book detailing the City of Boramul (a small fortified town), and the Ruins of Thryne (a ruined temple and three level dungeon).

Group One Games was formed in 1980 by Debbie Bledsaw and other notable Judges Guild employees. They published a number of Traveller modules but only the one fantasy supplement. The company dissolved in 1981 with most of its employees returning to work for Judges Guild.



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