Scott Huelsman


The World of Sarland by Scott Huelsman.

141pp Loose leaf manuscript.

Unpublished Manuscript circa 1987.

Only one copy of this manuscript exists.


A campaign world and 16 separate mini-scenarios; Goblin's Lair, Darium's Doom, The Forgotten City of Nual, Miner's Misery, The Sorcerer's Spell, Sandaria's Revenge, To Save a Princess, Fire and Ice, Gemcore, The Return to Evildeep, Confrontation, Ultaweapon, The Caverns of Griswald, Revelations, Chilm's Challange and Grishnak.

Scott Huelsman went on to develop computer games and interactive fiction. His original World of Sarland campaign developed over many years, and now forms the basis of Wizard Reborn, an online MediaNovel´┐Ż.



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